Scandal Meme: Relationships [4/4]

     ↳ Abby Whelan & Harrison Wright

Scandal Meme: Relationships [3/4]

     ↳ Fitzgerald Grant & Cyrus Beene

Scandal Meme: Scenes [1/3]

      ↳ Olivia Pope & Stephen Finch (1.07)

Scandal Meme: Quotes [3/6]

   ↳ Mellie Grant (2x13)

Cyrus, if Fitz goes public with this divorce, I will go nuclear. I will walk out in front of the press, and I will explain to them that my marriage is over because while I was pregnant with his child, my husband was having an affair with Olivia Pope. I will leave him, and I will take his children with me. I will take every penny he has in the bank and every dollar of political capital that he has in this town. I will court feminist groups and mothers groups and religious groups. I will bury him. And I will dance on his grave. And then? I WILL RUN FOR OFFICE.

Scandal Meme:  Characters [3/5]

     ↳ Harrison Wright

Scandal Meme: Quotes [2/6]

     ↳ Cyrus Beene (2x13)

"I wasn’t made to be the Chief of Staff. Do you know what I was made to be? I was made to be the President of the United States. I was made to lead the nation. I was made to ensure this country’s place in the world for generations to come. I would’ve been great at that. I have the stones. I have backbone. I have the will. I would have been a great President. But guess what, I’m fairly short, and I’m not so pretty, and I really like having sex with men, so instead of being President of this land, that I love, I get to be the guy behind the President of the United States, and sure I have power. I influence decisions. I help steer the country. But I’ll never be in the history books. My name will never be on an airport or a doctrine. Being the guy behind the guy is as far as my road goes."

Scandal Meme:  Relationships [2/4]

     ↳ Olivia Pope & Mellie Grant

Scandal Meme: OPA Cases [1/2]

     ↳ Pope & Associates: Governor Samuel Reston & Joan Reston 

Scandal Meme: Plot Twist [1/1]

     ↳ "I hear we have a David Rosen issue." (Episode 2x04)

Scandal Meme: Characters [2/5]

     ↳ Mellie Grant

Scandal Meme: Relationships [1/4]

    ↳ Quinn Perkins & Harrison Wright

Scandal Meme: Quotes [1/6]

Olivia Pope (1x03) “We’re never done. If we lose this round, we prep him for appeal. If we lose that, we prep him for a second appeal because what ever happens, there’s always another move. Whatever happens, we do not give up. It is my name on that door, and I do not give up.”

Scandal Meme: Characters [1/5]

    ↳ Olivia Pope

Scandal Meme: Episodes [1/7]

    ↳  Episode 1x06 - “The Trail”